Digital Thermometer (Pack of 20)

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    1 Pack contains 20 pieces


    • Length: 133 mm

    • Width: 21 mm 

    • Height: 12mm

    Compliance with IP 54 Rating


    Product Description:

    These lightweight clinical digital thermometers are designed to be more accurate than the mercury thermometer and hence easy to use and read. Along with high reading accuracy of ±0.1°C, it comes with some advance features like memory function and auto shutdown which makes it more user friendly


    • Fast and accurate results

    • Easy to read display 

    • Displays last measured temperature reading

    • Temperature measurement using oral, underarm (axillary) or rectal method

    • Auto turn off  within  10 minutes

    • Removable battery

    Additional Info:

    • Accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F) between 35°C~38°C (95°F~100.4°F), ±0.2°C (±0.4°For remainder of range at room) 

    • Measuring Range: 32.00°C~42.99°C Less than 32°C/ 90°F, Lo°C / Lo°F 

    • Display: More than 42.99°C/ 109.9°F, Hi°C / Hi°F Display 

    • Battery: ± 0.2°C (16.0°C-35.0°C) ±0.30C (10.0°C-16.0°C and 35.0°C-40.0°C) 

    • Battery Life: More than 200 operating hours. (Approximately 2 years if used 10 minutes per day) 

    • Power Consumption: 0.2 mW 

    • Display Unit: 32 groups 

    • Weight with Battery: Approx. 9.5g

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